My name is Willi Waizenegger. I design and develop web sites, online graphics, 3d graphics, animation, print graphics, create online and print copywriting and more. This is my resume.
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A Little Bit About Myself

Willi Waizenegger

Well, I've been around for awhile.

I started my career working in television in the early 1980's throughout Northern New Jersey, New York and Staten Island, working jobs that gave me experience in the technical, as well as production, sides of the field. In the late 90's I realized my professional passion was with computer graphics and animation and went back to school to study 3D computer animation at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Upon graduation, I took a job doing broadcast graphics on television shows, commercials and infomercials with a South Florida marketing company at their video production division. A few freelance projects in between helped fill my time.

These days, I'm busy designing and developing web sites, as well as doing print and online graphics for Got2Web Internet Services, an internet development company located in Rutland, Vermont. The occasional out-of-state freelance project keeps me well-rounded in other aspects of my craft.

'Making You Look Good'

Several years ago, while working at the video production company in Florida, I realized that my personal success was centered around making others look good in the eyes of whoever was providing their paychecks. That simple philosophy has served me well over the years, making me a valuable employee or freelance computer graphics artist.

'Making You Look Good' has been a slogan I have used for many years. But, while it's easy to write a slogan as part of a marketing campaign, the true test is what my work can do for your needs.

The Nature of My Work

While I believe I can adapt my style to fit most any need, I also realize that I, as most graphics artists out there, have been influenced by my different types of employment, schooling and personal interests throughout the years. For instance, a close look at my 'style' shows that I love to use light (highlights) and shadow to produce a sense of depth in my images, with the occassional sprinkling of background blur, wherever applicable (probably influenced by my 3D background). They tell me this comes through in much of my work, whether it is a web site, video footage, or 3D animation project...especially my recent work.

My influences are too numerous to list here, but thousands and thousands of artists have moved me at different times during my artistic life. I have been influenced by thousands of web site artists, thousands of 3D artists, thousands of video artists, thousands of photographers and thousands of artists in traditional media. I watch and study life around me: how it looks and moves at its most basic levels. I have watched and studied all those artists and their work, both loving and hating many of them for being better than me. I have learned from them and called many of them close friends.

So, while I do have a graphics 'style' of some sort, I like to think that I offer the right mix of objectivity for any project, while sticking within time and budget constraints. I don't believe in pushing my graphics style on anyone and if I need to follow the requirements of pre-existing art direction, then that is what I do. This is, after all, your time to shine...not mine.

Partial List of Technical & Artistic Skills

While far from exhaustive, the content in the Skills section represents my history and a few of the core skills I can provide. I am constantly learning new techniques and technologies all the time, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact me (see footer below).

Note that I work primarily on a PC platform. That choice is not because I feel one system is better than another to produce my computer graphics work, but because I have too much of a personal investment in that platform already. Also, in the early days of 3D computer modeling and animation, the PC platform was what ran 3D Studio Max (then 3D Studio 2), my choice of 3D program. To me, computers are a tool...not a religion.

I'd love to hear what you have in mind. Please use the form below to get in touch with me.

Internet, Web Site Design, Development and Online Marketing

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • CMS based systems, currently favoring MODx Revolution
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mail Marketing template design
  • Banner advertising design
  • Work in a PHP environment
  • Standards compliant code development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Flash / ActionScript

Print Graphics

  • 4-color magazine advertising
  • Brochures
  • Corporate identity
  • Technical manuals


  • SEO targeted copywriting for online applications
  • Advertising campaigns for online and print
  • Content development
  • Technical copywriting / manuals
  • Press releases
  • Email marketing copywriting

3D Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Graphics

  • Architectural visualization
  • 3D modeling
  • Product demonstration
  • 3D/2D animation
  • Virtual backgrounds and environments
  • Texture mapping and lighting
  • 3D elements for web site and print graphics


Freelance Computer Graphics, Animation and Website Design

4/2002-Present - Active self-employment in various freelance website design, 3D computer animation, graphic art and multimedia projects.

Website Design, Online Graphics, Print Graphics, Multimedia Design
Got2Web Internet Services, Rutland, Vermont

4/2005-Present - Art direction and technical development of web sites, including CMS based systems (currently favoring MODx Revolution), internet mail marketing template design, e-commerce solutions, internet advertising banners, multimedia, CD Rom applications and print graphics projects. Extensive use of HTML, CSS, Flash / ActionScript technologies, digital illustration, 3D elements and more. Work within a PHP environment. Extensive one-on-one client interaction. Extensive web content development and web content writing. Search engine optimization.

Website Design, Online Graphics, Print Graphics, Multimedia Design
Imagesetters, Rutland, Vermont

8/2004-4/2005 - Design and development of web sites and complete multimedia projects. Image design and creation in 2D and 3D for use in web and/or print applications. Extensive use of HTML, CSS, Flash / ActionScript technologies, digital illustration, 3D elements and more in web sites and web ad banners, splash pages, as well as print applications, CD Rom and PowerPoint presentations. Web content development and web content writing. Extensive one-on-one client interaction. Search engine optimization.

Director of Broadcast Graphics & Animation
Mirage Video & Post, Inc., Pompano Beach, Florida

5/2000-4/2002 - Designed and created all of the broadcast graphics for the company's national television shows, commercials, infomercials and special video projects. Special emphasis on all television show opens, animations (3D and 2D), television show bumpers, virtual sets, on-screen graphic elements, promotional billboards and CG. Successfully combined a vast knowledge of high-end graphics programs and hardware, traditional art skills and a talent for meeting all deadlines under pressure...all while maintaining the creative touch.

Video Operator
GlobeCast Communications, Inc. (Subsidiary of France Telecom),
Staten Island, New York

8/1991-3/1998 - Operated various satellite earth station and video control equipment for high-end domestic and international video feeds. Extensive interaction with clients and satellite controllers in regard to signal quality and trouble-shooting problems. Maintained accurate log information and written reports as required.

Program Operator
United Artists Cablesystems, Inc., Alpine, New Jersey

8/1983-5/1991 - Handled cable television service switching for the Westchester, New Jersey, Brookhaven, Sammons, Riverview and American cable systems consisting of over 300,000 subscribers. Restored service when technical problems arose, monitored and maintained routine functions of Channelmatic commercial insertion systems and provided inventory records for the company's repair department.


Computer Animation
BS, Magna Cum Laude - The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Graduated 3/2000.

Speech & Theater, Concentration in Broadcasting
BA, Cum Laude - Montclair State University

Montclair, New Jersey. Graduated 5/1989.

Business & Television Production
81 Credits - Bergen Community College

Paramus, New Jersey.


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